About a month ago, I shared 3 reasons why I choose to wait for sex till marriage. The response was really good as I realized that many of us millennial Christians actually wanna wait.

However, there was a concern about those who didn’t manage to wait. Can they start all over again? And my answer was, Of course Yes!! So I decided to get the answers from someone who didn’t manage to wait but they started all over again. I hope the questions I asked will be helpful. Enjoy 😊.

1.As a child/ young lady, had you been taught about waiting and it’s importance?

As a child, I was never taught on the importance of waiting, the only thing my parents would say is don’t get pregnant, and I think it’s important for parents to talk about such things now.

2.Now that you didn’t manage to wait, were you just curious/wanted it or were you forced or manipulated to have sex with the guy?

I wasn’t forced or manipulated, I was curious the first time, but after that I was a consenting adult, none of it was ever forced.

3.Did you ever feel guilty/bad afterwards?

Sometimes I felt guilty, sometimes I didn’t, because our society right now makes it okay to experience such things before marriage.

4.What happened that made you want to wait now?

I got saved, and since then I have been wanting to do things different. God’s way

5. Did you ever struggle with soul ties or attachment issues?

Yes, when people have sex they connect on three levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.Hence one is left having soul ties.

I learnt that this leaves you with characters of your partner, you were once full of self confidence now you are not, you have fear that you didn’t have, anxiety and other things
So we walk around with parts of people that are not us.

6.Some people feel like they can’t be redeemed after they didn’t manage to wait. How did you go about starting all over again?

So, I read the bible constantly, because Jesus died that I may be righteous. Romans 6:13, teaches us to use our bodies as instruments to serve God and also 1Corinthians 6:9-11.

Nor must you surrender any part of yourselves to sin to be used for wicked purposes. Instead, give yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life, and surrender your whole being to him to be used for righteous purpose.

Romans 6:13

I also remind myself that when one allows sexual impurity into their lives, it comes in with every other thing; lying, doubt, deception, and verse 12 asks ,”what are you a slave to? “And I refuse to be a slave to sexual sin .

Sin must no longer rule in your mortal bodies, so that you obey the desires of your natural self.

Romans 6:12

The bible has a way to just speak to us when we feel like we don’t deserve it, and this is God, the all forgiving, all powerful God.

If I can change my mind, so can everyone else .

7.What would you tell someone who didn’t manage to wait and wants to start all over?

One is able to change their lives, no one has the power to do that for you, so if you want to start afresh, second chances are offered at the cross where salvation starts. Once one gives their lives to God fully, conviction comes by itself .

8.How has your life changed since you started waiting?

My eyes have been opened to the kind of man I want to have a relationship with and the kind of future I want to have. Also it is allowing me to exercise purity in mind, body and spirit, with the help of friends who also are choosing to wait.

Any final words?

First I would like to say that sex, was created by God and He intended for it to happen, between married people. Mark 10:6-9 ,where He made male and female with all our body parts and says in Genesis 1:28-be fruitful and multiply. So we have to remember that it was God’s idea, and He blessed it, just between two people that have lifelong connection that He may receive Glory from it. Us going around perverting sex doesn’t do that.
There’s a better way, and it’s God’s way

That’s all for today. Got a question or comment? Kindly share them with me in the comments section.

Have a blessed day💕

PS: If you are a guy and would like to share your story on waiting, kindly email me: jules@alittlebitdeeper.co.ke

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