This has been the theme of my blog:SELF.Whether it’s self awareness, self-development,personal spiritual growth,chasing YOUR dreams; since it’s an area I’ve struggled with for the longest time and others too whether they’re aware of it or they’re just walking around with overfed egos hiding their issues deep down .

Whatever the case,here’s a piece for you that I do hope you’ll hold close to your heart throughout 2018 and the years to come:

Blessed You are.Created in God’s image and likeness and with whom God is well pleased.He placed a seed in you and has purposed for you to cultivate and be productive.He said love be your neighbor as you love yourself. So how can you love another so much without loving yourself?

You’re a treasure. One that should be cherished, protected and multiplied. God blesses the world through you.So if you don’t do not see and use the treasure within you,how will God use you to bless the world?

To be aware of who you are,love who you are,to grow who you are,protect who you are,is not selfish.It’s how you honour and thank God for who He created you to be.

To love yourself;

1.See the good in you and truly believe, that you’re beautifully and wonderfully made.That it is time you looked at the person on the other side of the mirror and side,”I love you.I accept you as you are.I will love you forever.I will work with what God has given me and use it for His glory.” That it’s time you stopped fighting yourself, putting down who you are ,speaking against yourself and thinking others better than yourself. Own who you are!God loves you?.

2.Say ‘no’ without fear.This goes in line with,stop kissing ass!You do not have to follow what everyone else is doing to please them.Does it make you happy?Does it sit well with your spirit? You do not have to always have to say yes to what your friends ask you to do for them,most especially if it’s at the detriment if you own plans. Each one of us,as much as you love them,have unique lives to live; unique purposes to accomplish.

You’re a treasure my dear.Even times when your mind doubts it, let your spirit hold on to that truth.Ask the Lord to renew your mind and work towards proving to yourself that you’re a treasure: by doing things that bring out the best in you.

Lastly,loving yourself doesn’t mean you are better than others.It means you know your worth and are committed to bringing out the best in you. Let your light shine!God destined for it to be that way love?❤ I hope that piece speaks to you.Kindly don’t hesisate to share it with someone who might need it.


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