PURPOSE.Dunno if it’s just me or this word scares everyone. Maybe you’ve heard that we were all created to serve a purpose in this life.”What’s mine?” You might ask.Or maybe you’ve been wondering for quite sometime.

I remember some time back a friend used to tease me”Julie,wewe unaweza Fanya nini?”Oh boy!This is a question you don’t ask someone who hasn’t discovered some sort of gift|talent|skill.I used to laugh it off but feel so bad afterwards cz honestly I just didn’t know!

So when I discovered my love for cooking ,I was so excited.Finally something I was good at.Couldn’t wait till they asked me what  I was good at,I’d proudly say ,COOKING! I actually thought of a career change, hahaaa.This is my passion,I’d tell myself.I followed everything and anything on social media platforms so as to grow this skill. My place turned into a restaurant. My money mostly spent on buying spices and I actually spend quite a large amount (for a student) of money to buy a recipe book.

After sometime,I started reading books and I discovered writing. Ayayaiii. This was it.Pouring my soul into something I never thought I could do and finally feeling fulfilled.I didn’t abandon cooking really but learned to pour the same kind of energy into writing. Through writing I’ve learnt that vulnerability isn’t weakness but connection in our flaws is everything.

Anyway, what I’m I trying to put across here?

BTW,this post is gonna be quite long but really worth it.I wanna speak to the person who still isn’t aware of their gift|calling|purpose and to the one who thinks they’ve found it but are scared to work on it.

To the person who still feels ‘lost’.

1.BREATH. Relax my dear.You’re running your own race.Yeah I know,sometimes it feels bad to see others chase their passions while you currently don’t have something ‘solid’ to call a passion. Don’t worry tho.Work on what you have now.School?Work?

2.Don’t over think or worry about finding your passion|purpose|calling.Listen to the sparks in your heart right now.Do the things that bring out the best in you.However minute.Do it with great zeal and excitement. You never know where it could lead you.Don’t get so caught up in the future and where you’re ‘supposed’ to be that you forget to live in the now.

Matthew 15:33-34,37

The disciples asked him”Where will we find enough food in this desert to feed this crowd?

“How much bread have you?”

Exodus 4:1-2

Then Moses answered the Lord”But suppose the Israelites do not believe me and will not listen to what I say.Whatshall I do if they say that you did not appear to me?

So the Lord asked him,”What are you holding? “

The above instances emphasize on the last point: what have you got in your hand? God multiplies whatever small things we got and use in our hands.

4.Take it as a challenge. Get out of your comfort zone.Dare to do something you’ve always been scared to.Scared to show others a side of view you’ve never exposed.Do it anyway! Be true to yourself. Start with a single step towards your dreams.However small.Start a small business? Share your thoughts in writing? Singing?Whatever it is,give it a shot.

One of my  favorite quotes; Do it trembling if you must, just do it!

5.You don’t have to go the conventional way.Gifts and talents aren’t just about singing, writing, dancing, drawing et cetera.It could be anything. Remember, wherever your heart is,there you’ll find your treasure.AND it doesn’t have to be one single thing.Let no one try to put you in a box.Explore each gift to the best of your ability. DO LIFE BIG!

6.Last but definitely not the least.Keep praying about it. That God may open your eyes to see what He’s called you to do.You know sometimes, it’s right in front of your nose!

Now,what about the person who feels they actually know their purpose? What next?How about the times you feel like you don’t wanna move forward yet you know you got a purpose to fulfill?

So last week I was in that kind of situation. I had a story to tell but just didn’t have the courage.Strategically, God led me to read 1 Chronicles 28: 4-5 ,then 9-10 and finally verse 20

Verse 4-5;The Lord,the God of Israel, chose me and my descendants to rule Israel forever.He choose the tribe of Judah to provide leadership, and out of Judah he chose my father’s family.Fromall that family it was his pleasure to take me and make me king over allIsrael.He gave me many sons,out of them all he chose Solomon to rule over Israel,the Lord’s kingdom.

After reading that verse,what have you been CHOSEN to do?Remember, all you have been through isn’t a coincidence. It aligns with what you’ve been called to do because YOU’RE CHOSEN.

Verse 9-10;And to Solomon he said,”My son,I charge you to acknowledge you father’s God and to serve Him with an undivided heart and a willing mind.He knows all our thoughts and desires .If you go to Him He will accept you: but if you turn away from Him,he will abandon you forever.You must realize that the Lord has chosen you to build His temple.Now do it- and do it with determination.

Whatever God has called you to do,are you doing it with an undivided heart and a willing mind?Are you giving it your best?Don’t downplay what God has called you to do. (Check out Matthew 25:14-30)


Verse 20:King David said to his son Solomon ,”Be confident and determined. Start the work and don’t let anything stop you. The Lord God,whom I serve will be with you.Hewill not abandon you but He will stay with you until you finish the work to be don’t on His Temple.

God is giving you the go ahead:Start the work!He will be you every step of the way!
I could have written more but I know this post has been long enough.I do hope you’ve gotten something from it.

I’ll be posting more regularly than once a week this month cz I feel I got a lil but more to share as we prep to jump into 2018.Next post will be on Saturday. Titled”Heed the Call”

Fab day ahead and don’t be afraid to step into your purpose!

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