They say the words you speak to yourself are the most important. And the thoughts we hold about ourselves, that’s our self image, even more important. One of the most effective ways to build a good self image and have a great foundation for your identity is through affirmations. It may seem stupid to some people, but affirmations are way more powerful than you may think. They send messages to our subconscious minds which when reaffirmed become our solid image and also help in taking care of your mental health.

So today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite affirmations and I hope they inspire you to come up with yours or use some of mine;

1.I am guided.I am loved

I came up with this one early this year as I was writing my book Musings with Jules. It reminds me that even when I’m worried if I’m moving in the right direction, I am guided; by God and He loves me so much He will lead me to prosperity and will take care of me every step of the way.

2.I am right where I am supposed to be.

Don’t we all need to remember this often? This keeps me from comparing my journey with someone else’s, to be content with where I am and give it my best. Sometimes we may wish we were already in another season or wonder if we are lagging behind in life. No, you are right where you are supposed to be. Make peace with that.

3.There’s more to where I am.

Inasmuch as I believe I’m right where I’m supposed to be, I also believe that there’s more to where I am. So I keep dreaming and stay hopeful that I will get where I want to be and achieve the unbelievable dreams. I’m not stuck where I am currently; there’s more ahead.

4.My body is strong enough.

Post-workout tired smile 😂

I came up with this ,this September/ October when I decided to get more intentional with my fitness journey. I realized that sometimes I talked myself out of certain exercises and routines because I believed that my body is not strong enough. So I challenged myself to push harder as I affirmed the opposite; my body is strong enough. This has really helped me to do more than I believed I could. You could try it too😊.

5.I am blessed and highly favored.

Abby Chebet, if you read this article, just know I stole it from you😂. This affirmation reminds me to count all my blessings and to believe that more is coming; not just materially. We are the children of God and thus we are blessed and highly favored. Favor follows you everywhere you go. Believe that.

So those are my 5 favorite affirmations. As you come up with yours, I got one tip; let them revolve around an area you struggle with or areas the enemy likes to attack in your life.

If you’re subscribed to my email list or follow me on social media, you may have seen that I want to launch branded merchandise next year. So if you’d like any of the above affirmations printed on a T-shirt/ Hoodie, kindly take this survey and let me know which one(s) you prefer most.

That’s all for today and this month. I’ll be taking a break to focus on my studies and will be back in a month as I share my campus story/ lessons learnt.

Stay blessed and believe the best💕

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