It’s hard to break a promise to someone or people when you have already committed yourself right? I don’t know about you but for me it is.So I find it easier to simply not make promises so that I won’t feel guilty afterwards. Fortunately or unfortunately (on my side) I made a promise yesterday to write this last post in the End of the Year edition (and generally the last post of 2017).It’s unfortunate for me because honestly I just didn’t feel like writing right now but I had to push myself to do it ’cause if I simply operated on feelings I would do very little. Plus the first time I put down this post in my journal I was so excited that I just couldn’t wait for the end of the year to share it.It actually birthed the whole end of the year edition.


So it’s that time when most people reflect on the year that was and maybe making resolutions for the new year.How was 2017 for you?Or maybe I should have asked first,what did you want out of 2017?Who did you want to be?What projects had you outlined to accomplish?

For me I named it ‘The Year of Life’.I just wanted to step out and live.To be really who. I am,pursue the things I love and just see where life will take me.I didn’t really have an exact plan I just knew how I wanted to feel.ALIVE.By being alive,I wanted to be happy.It can be so sad when you’re the all-smiling person but deep on the inside,there’s fear,confusion, lack of confidence, admiring other’s lives.But this time,I wanted it to flow of the inside.The confidence to ooze from who I really I’m.To do things not to please others but because I believe it’s the right thing for me.It’s true to who I am.I wanted to know what love is.First to myself and share it with others.Love not based on looks or things or what I could gain from others,but because we all deserve it.I discovered that we’re able to really show love when we’re around broken people. People that deserve patience,forgiveness, understanding and kindness.So it started with myself. It was hard at first.I thought it was just a mind thing.I remember when I first admitted to myself, “I just don’t know how to love.” Slowly but surely,I’m still learning.

Anyway,what’s your intention for the new year?How do you want to feel?What kind of people do you want to be around? How do you want to treat others? What do you want to achieve (physically, socially, mentally, spiritually, emotionally). What’s that thing you’ve always pushed to ‘next year’?What’s that mountain you’ve always wished you could climb but are scared that you can’t do it?That you have fed yourself wrong stories about your incapabilities?

One tactic I have learnt this year is writing your visions and goals. Like literally put it down on paper.Don’t just have a vague idea about what you want. My dear sometimes you’ll forget it.That’swhy you gotta put it down so that you can always remind yourself what you wanted at the beginning. To bring back the initial excitement and fire that was in you and making a conscious decision each day to achieve them.Be so excited and committed that nobody can pull you down.That you be the go-getter that you set a trend for others.Get resources that support your goals and set yourself apart from anything/anyone that doesn’t support it.

I implore you that you claim this new year.I don’t know if it’s starts on first January for your or tomorrow or whichever day.Don’t just get all excited about it but do nothing. To be honest the energy may wade off as the year goes by,but the more reason why you should write your intentions down and somewhere they can always remind you about what you want. Each day,I hope you wake up with a renewed energy and be awesome.It’s easy to be he’d back by yesterday’s failures but remember it’s a new day with new mercies.A new year with bigger chances.

I do hope you can make the best out of it.Remember, it’s a journey.A day at a time.A marathon not a sprint. Learn long the way.Allow life to surprise you.Another thing I learnt is that things have a way of working around your intentions. Some that you didn’t even plan. And before you go ahead,dedicate them to God.That they may be in alignment to His will. He’s faithful. Always. You guys!It’s been an incredible 5 months writing. Something I hadn’t planned at the beginning of the year nor did I think I would have a blogging platform. I’m so grateful. God bless you all and I hope you stick around next year because things will be bigger and better. Have an amazing new year and let’s meet in early January. We can connect through


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