When we hear the word,freedom , we imagine anything but being like a caged bird or a prisoner in a cell.But I think freedom goes beyond that; it stretches further to mental freedom,moral, spiritual freedom and what have you.
Imagine being able to break free from societal standards of beauty and loving yourself just the way you are
Imagine being free to love people and yet not clinging too much to them and allow them to pursue who and what they love
Imagine being free to stand by your core values no matter what you go through; the ridicule from others(who basically wish they could do it like you do )
Imagine being free to showcase and share your God given gifts with the universe
Imagine being free to be who you real are.Never afraid to show your ‘awkward’ self.

Imagine being free from your thoughts (that sometimes I think are sent from Hell) and be the kind soul you really are; starting with yourself.
Imagine being free such that your moods and reactions are barely affected by what others do because you remember, more often than not,it’s never about you
Imagine being free to pursue your dreams and own definition of success because that’s what feels home to you
How peaceful that would be
Imagine breaking free from the shackles of your past and embracing the present and future of a new,better you
Imagine breaking free from the notion ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ and celebrating the present moment and making the best out of it
Imagine breaking free from the so (bad) habits that you can tell yourself you just can’t stop because they help you ‘cope’.

Imagine telling yourself and believing you’re strong enough to handle anything.
Imagine freedom, to listen to your inner voice and not always seeking approval from others . Imagine freedom,to pursue your spiritual journey, finding God in every circumstance, never afraid to be called a ‘Jesus Freak’
How alive would you feel?How fulfilling would that be?
You got the answer within you friend. Take the leap of faith! Thanks for taking your time to read friend! I’m always grateful. That right there is food for thought. Don’t just read, meditate on it.In what area of life do you feel ‘tied’ up and would wanna be free?
Till next time,Ciao!
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