Those three words; I-LOVE-YOU.Words that could never leave my mouth.Not even my heart could feel home with.Did I lie?Wait,what do you even mean by love?Most say it’s a ‘feeling’.Hmmm,I had experienced all other ‘feelings’.Why not love? Love for God.Love for family. Not even Self love.And one day,love for my better half.

For now,I got God,I got me,family and friends. But still,why can’t these words leave my mouth? Do I have love in my heart? Can I love someone? Do I love someone, at least? Wait a minute, what is love?What does it mean when you say you love someone?

Someone might say,Julie,it’s just inexplicable (he/she could be in love).But c’mon!I’m sure there’re some words to explain it: cz if it’s a feeling, honestly I don’t have it.Or say,it comes and goes.So I can rightly dance to the lyrics “Sometimes I love you,sometimes I hate you”. (That’s if,I repeat,it’s a feeling.)But hate is too strong a word.Love too.

They say it’s a mystery. But I still gotta find out what it means.Maybe I should wait for ” the one ” to teach me it’s meaning. Maybe then I’ll understand. But how long can a girl wait?Why should I even wait for someone to teach me what love really is? Can’t I figure it out by myself, then when he comes my way,I’ll know  this is love too.

Sorry friend, I know I’ve asked you so many questions. I’m guessing you need some answers too.Yes? Or maybe you wanna know my point of view.If so,keep reading.

Getting to basics,I find out ,what is love?I go to my favorite library of books,where wisdom reigns.The Bible. 1Corinthians 13:4-8;

Love is patient and kind;it’s not jealous or conceited or proud;love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs, love is not happy with evil,but is happy with truth.Love never gives up;and its faith,hope and patience never fail. LOVE IS ETERNAL.

So from that ‘basic’ or rather profound description, I understand that love is not merely a feeling but Action. When we say we love our family and friends, we choose to be patient, kind,truthful, forgiving and all that encompasses love,with them.We choose to love.

I’m I right by saying that if we’re not having the above qualities when interacting with others,when we don’t act that way towards them,we don’t truly love them?

1Peter 4:8-Above all,love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.

When we choose to see beyond people’s flaws,mistakes, we choose to love them

When we’re patient with someone trying so hard to be better,we choose to love them.

When we choose to hold back words that could really hurt and break them,we choose to love and instead, use kinder words that would help them see the correction, from a point of love.

When we choose to support others get it together, grow their talents without fear they could get better than us,we choose to love them.

I learnt this technique through meditation: You close your eyes and imagine that person you love most; God?Yourself? A family member, friend? Who ever it is.let that love fill you up.Extend it to yourself, those closest to you, and to the rest of the word.Extend the same kindness, patience,forgiveness, truthfulness, understanding and all that constitutes love, to others.

Life would be so much easier that way.If we all did love one another. We don’t choose to love others so that we can get it back.We choose to love for everyone’s peace,harmony ,growth and all the goodness that comes with love.Its the right and best thing to do.Remember, what you give is what you receive but don’t hold it back cz you ain’t getting it back from someone.Do it for yourself, at least.

Lastly( I know it’s been quite a long post),

John15:17-  This then is what I command you,LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

PS:Some of the insights are from a book I’m currently reading, The Road less Travelled by Peck M Scott.

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Till next Thursday,Ciao!

Stay blessed and don’t forget to love!

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