We want our names on the big screens and stand on big stages. We wanna dine with the Kings and our achievements on magazines. That moment we’ll call home and say “Mama I made it!”

When social media will blow up and the world will know your name;when other people recognize your efforts.

Don’t we all want that?Well, at least most of us. We can’t wait when our careers and passions get to the next level.

To some point, we want to be worshipped and followed when others see the great things we are doing and admire our lives. What is humility?

But I’m scared. Scared that we’ll stop celebrating small victories. For others and for ourselves. That we’ll not stop celebrating other people’s efforts unless we see them on the big screens. Scared that we’ll not believe we are doing great stuff ’cause others don’t recognize our efforts.Scared that we’ll not give our best in work until the numbers blow up on our social media pages.

That maybe we forget to celebrate the people who help in the old people’s homes. The granddaughter helping out her weary sickly grandmother when everyone else has abandoned her. Or say even the grandmother whose children have dumped their kids at her place and she gotta hustle to feed them; ’cause she loves them as if they were her own.
The pastor who leads the flock in the village,with barely any resources.
The parent back home bending their backs backwards to make sure their children have a good education.

Actually, most of us are doing works that more often than not, the camera doesn’t capture. Good works that the magazines may never know about. The things we do for family, friends and even strangers. And that’s success. Jesus told us that the greatest commandment is to love our neighbor as ourselves. And that’s success to me, whether or not other people recognize.

This is a call, to me and you, to serve others with our whole hearts, with the little that we have, whether or not others clap for us or not. That we’ll not believe the lie, that success only happens when we are on big platforms.

Let’s find satisfaction in the small things. Let’s be faithful in those things others may not see and redefine success to be obedience and showing love, even in the small things others don’t see.

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Stay blessed 💕

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Hiribae · June 27, 2019 at 8:40 pm

This is a great read indeed..next time I find my missing pen under a couch somewhere, I might just throw a party to celebrate!

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