I am empty, I feel hollow are some of the words we use to express a state we are in. A state of nothingness. As if something is missing in us. When do you feel most empty? Or hollow? Or void?

Void means a completely empty space or an unfilled space, otherwise know as hollow.

I feel most alive when I’m feeling hollow and empty, acutely aware of the empty places in my life. Or when I get disappointed or angry or hurt. But most of us feel empty when whatever happened, or whatever was done to us has left us alone, and so the anger is a distraction from facing the issue that causes the void in the first place.

Real talk…

How many of us would rather put on a smile on our faces, talk to our friends happily, go to work, attend classes just so we can escape our hollow places? I know I am one of them.

But, I need us to feel most alive when hollow because that is when we are most dependent on God and His power is shown when we are at our lowest.

In Judges 15:18,Samson cries out to the Lord about his thirst, He has been given great deliverance but this one thing, his thirst, might be the death of him. He is great at external battles, but his hollow place, his thirst would be his demise. This means that if you do not address your hollow places, it will not be the circumstances outside that cause your demise, but the hollow areas we choose to ignore, to cover up in make up and smiles and empty laughs.

 All that emotion, frustration,anger,heartbreak, pain you are feeling is creating a hollowness in you that you do not even realise and you choose to fill it up with the wrong things.

We always just want people to see our full places, our rich areas, places where we are successful in because we’d rather people look at us like we are thriving while deep inside we are breaking down piece by piece.

I need us to know, that if we do not choose wisely on how to fill our emptiness, we end up connecting to people or things that leave us more hollow than we were before.

Become aware,acknowledge your hollow place and at that moment let God fill it up, because He is not waiting for you to get your life together, come to Him as you are, angry, frustrated, in pain, disappointed, lonely, breaking down and He will restore you, revive you and turn your hollowness into hallow ness.

you are most alive when you are searching for the hollow places inside of you

This piece was written by my friend, Melvine Madoro. If you’d like to guest post, kindly email me : jules@alittlebitdeeper.co.ke  with your article/story.

For now, you could share in the comments, how do you cope when you feel empty?

Have a wonderful weekend ahead 💕


Melvine · May 23, 2019 at 9:45 am

Thank you Jules for this platform

    Jules · May 23, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    You’re welcome dear 😊

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