The signs are all around you. You get vibes|instincts|intuition telling you ;it’s time for a given shift.It’s time you moved on.It’s time you let go of that person. It’s time you let go of given habits.It’s time you pushed yourself a lil bit harder. It’s time you worked on a given talent| gift that you have.It’s time you stopped accumulating so much stuff that aren’t serving you.It’s time you let go of some friends cz all they do is drain your energy.Discourage you.Lead you to a path that maybe you’ve never felt you belong.It’s time you became more responsible with your life. It’s time you listened to a given message or read a given book that could literally change your life.Your mind starves for it.Your heart cries for it.Your soul needs it.But you keep shutting those voices down. You choose not to listen or maybe are just afraid you might not succeed in that phase..

But if you don’t listen,how will you ever grow?You’ll stay in a constant place where you’re are just surviving.Not truly living.Unasukuma masiku tu.You dream of a better and more lively life but you never take a single step forward. These voices are calling for a better version of you. Others may even see who you could be and may even hint at it,but you choose not to listen. You choose to stay in that place of comfort.You don’t wanna feel a lil bit uncomfortable by trying something new.Something that could lead you to greater heights socially,emotionally, spiritually, financially and what have you.

When the signs tell you that something|someone isn’t good for you, move away. Maybe it’s time you spoke your heart out and stopped tolerating how badly they’re treating you. Are you waiting for the day hell will break lose or you hit rock bottom so you can make the change?

Your intuition never lies.It needs you to move on to the next step of your life.Take it afraid.It doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It means you’re brave and willing to learn along the way.It’ll open up opportunities you never thought of in the first place and realise things about yourself that you weren’t aware of.

If your spirit yearns more spirituality, heed the call.It’s not about you saying and including it at the top of your new year resolutions “A closer relationship with God” and leaving it at that.Its about being intentional about praying, understanding His word and all other ways you could grow closer to Him.

My friend you’re wise.You know how to go about it but are too afraid to heed the call.And where you fall short,there’re so many resources around you to help you.When you decide to take that first step,the universe will come together to help you. Things will work together for your good.The help,wisdom is there.Seek it,heed it and live it.You’re braver then you think.Smarter than you think.Stronger then you think. You just got to take that leap of faith.Even when the mind doesn’t believe it.Stay positive always.Know that you can get where you wanna be.

Whatever your heart is seeking, if it’s good for you,if it’s right, heed the call.That’s the only way you’ll grow. A step at a time.

I hope the post speaks to you in your unique situation and you heed the call,whatever it is. Be blessed?

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