A grounded person is one who’s firmly established. You’ve probably heard someone say ‘stay grounded’ especially when they get to a success peak.”What does that mean though?” You might ask.Grounded on what?Rooted in what?

What values in us don’t change no matter what happens in our lives? Or is it that which defines who we are?Is it where we draw strength from in our weakest moments?

I’d use this analogy of a tree.A tree  is supported by it’s roots.Theroots absorb nutrients from the ground it’s on.So the strength of the tree depends on the kind of ground it’s rooted in and strength of it’s roots,right?

That is,how wide the roots have spread.How deep have the roots got into the ground? What kind of nutrients are in the ground to nourish the tree?Do the roots occasionally take in the nutrients or often,or do they wait till there’s a whirlwind or a great flood so that they can take in the nutrients; trying to be stronger?

When the wind blows,can the tree still stay rooted|strong|grounded, or will it just fall?

A tree rooted in a ground full of good nutrients, whose base is a solid rock,cannot be easily shaken.

It bears good fruits.

The gardener prunes every branch that doesn’t bear fruit so that it’ll be able to bare good and more fruits.

So what are you rooted in?

Are you grounded? If so,in what?

How do you keep the tree (You) nourished?

How often do you nourish your roots or do you wait till the storm comes and try to stand strong?You could easily fall you know!
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From next week, I’ll start on the “End of Year Edition.” Watch out!We gotta end the year in style as we prep for next year.Makesure you’re not left out.

Blessed day cherished Reader!

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