The question what is my purpose in life? is one that is common among us millennials as most of us want to pursue something deeper rather than a job that just pays bills. As Steven Furtick says, “There’s something inside of you that wants to find the thing you were made to do.” We want to serve God and others and are trying to find where we fit in terms of sharing our gifts with the world.

It’s a topic I’ve been wary to write about since I don’t want to mislead anyone as people have different views on it nor do I want to add to any mental stress one may be having when they start getting worried that they don’t know their purpose/calling. So I made sure I did my research on how to find your purpose in life as a Christian plus my personal experience and understanding.

Now, the common belief is that we were made for only one purpose which isn’t really true. In his book, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren states that we all five major purposes in life:

Purpose 1; you were planned for God’s pleasure (to glorify Him)

Purpose 2; you were formed for God’s family (Christian church)

Purpose 3; you were formed to become like Christ(Discipleship)

Purpose 4; you were shaped for serving God (Christian ministry)

Purpose 5; you were made for a mission (to introduce people to God)

This book was really mind-opening for me because most of us have focused only on purpose 4 which is how we can specifically use our various gifts and talents to serve others(&God). Thus, when it’s not clear what our particular gifts are, we feel as if our lives are purposeless yet there are other four purposes we are also supposed to fulfill. To get more clarity on the five purposes, read the book.

Today, I’m going to focus on purpose 4. Its central meaning is that you were placed on this earth for a special assignment. With your various gifts, you can fulfill that assignment. However, not all of us are aware of our gifts/ talents and consequently our calling. To find that out;

Ask God to reveal it to you– Spend time with Him so that when He speaks to you, you will know it’s Him guiding you. He listens and He cares and nobody knows you more than He does.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10-

What is your gut saying? – You may actually know deep down what you were made to do, but are too scared to admit it. As T.D Jakes says, God has put our destiny inside of us. Your instincts are like your GPS guide.For the longest time, I knew I was made to inspire others but I was too scared of what people would say and I also didn’t feel good enough. It took courage and God’s hand to rebuild my confidence in sharing my gift with the world. Don’t let fear hold you back. Sometimes you just gotta do it afraid. The courage will come.

What do other people say about you? – Sometimes people will see things in us that we may not see in ourselves. God speaks to us through others too. So you can ask your friends and family if there’s something special they see in you.

Feel free to try out things. If you feel drawn to something, try it. You may not get it right the first time but when you do get to where you belong, you will know. Don’t just sit there waiting for an epiphany. Listen to those whispers in your heart. Your calling will find you. Just make sure you are being true to yourself and obedient when God says “move.”

Here are 5 truths you should hold onto concerning your unique purpose:

  1. We are all gifted- I recommend you read the whole of 1 Corinthians 12 which provides enlightenment on how we are all differently gifted as the body of Christ. It may not be conventional like singing, dancing et cetera. You could be the person who brings joy in a group. Your gift could be generosity or that kind heart you have towards the less privileged. Stay open minded as God reveals it to you.
  2. Every season of life has a purpose– Today you may be called to be a leader in your church group. Tomorrow you may be called to be a husband/ wife and in a few years maybe, a parent. None of this purposes are insignificant nor are they mutually exclusive. Serve each purpose with all your heart and be available for God in each season.
  3. There are others depending on your calling– if God has revealed His calling for your life and is actually telling you to implement it, please do. There are others waiting for your obedience. Don’t be selfish with your gifts.
  4. Where God leads, He provides– sometimes fulfilling your calling can seem scary especially as you wonder, where will I get the money? Where will I find the people to help me? We can have so many questions and so often God won’t make everything clear in the beginning so that you can simply learn to trust Him. So whatever God calls you to do, trust that He will bring it to completion and will provide for all your needs.
  5. Knowing your calling is just the beginning– there will be a lot of work involved in fulfilling that calling. There will be tears, fatigue, doubt and rejection too. Not everyone will support what you are called to do but always remember God’s got your back. But there will also be the joy when others benefit from your gifts plus the ultimate reward from God when He says well done, good and faithful servant.

Bonus point: Your calling may seem similar like somebody else’s but that doesn’t mean you should not pursue it. there are specific people God wants you to serve.Just be obedient.

In conclusion, remember that you have more than one purpose in life. To glorify Him, to love others, to be edified and become like Christ, to introduce people to God and to serve others using your unique gifts. For more clarification, I urge you to read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

And please, don’t stress about it if you don’t know your unique calling or idolize it. God will keep pursuing you and reveal it to you at His perfect timing. In the meantime, fall in love with glorifying Him and fulfilling the other purposes and when He finally urges you to do something, be obedient.

In case you are well aware of your unique calling in this season of your life, you can also check out my book, The Planting Season which is a guide in fulfilling what God has called you to do in your current season.

Stay blessed.


Preston · September 19, 2019 at 10:22 am

Indeed. Thanks Jules

    Jules · September 19, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    You’re welcome Preston

Ian · September 19, 2019 at 11:54 am

INSPIRATIONAL, very well written, purposeful

    Jules · September 19, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    Thank you Ian 😊

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