I bet you feel tired.You’re done waiting. You’re done struggling and getting zero results. You’re done praying to a God that doesn’t seem to listen to your prayers.You’re trying and trying but never getting it.” I give up” are the words ringing out loud in your head.

You might ask,”But why me?What did I do wrong? Why can’t I have it as well as they do?Is there something wrong with me?”

No darling,no!There’s nothing wrong with you.You’re perfectly imperfect.

“Then why won’t  things go my way for once?I’m just so tired and worn out.I gotta look for an easier way.”

There you go hun.There’s an easier way; Surrender it to God.You’vecarried the burden on your own for too long.That’s why it feels so heavy.

“But that’s what I’ve been doing all along. It doesn’t seem to work!”

Pose for a moment. Look how far you’ve come.Remember the times you thought you couldn’t but you did.Remember the small victories. Remember how you emerged even better and grown.Remember the many times you prayed and God answered your prayers. Remember how grateful you were.

“Yeah I get your point but why isn’t He listening to me now?”

He always does dear.ALWAYS.But there’s something I’d want you to understand. Ever heard of celebrating your season?

“Yeeeah,I guess.”

Okay,this is it.This thing called life can be a little bit complicated.There’re times you’ll be so happy and feel like a bird to fly so high,and other times,you’ll be down in the dumps,struggling and wishing for things that just don’t seem to come your way or just aren’t working out for you at all. There will be times when you won’t understand why things aren’t going the way you’d want them to.You pray but there’s nothing close to change.

But in that season, you have to be really present and be conscious about what God wants you to learn in that season. In that season of waiting, struggling, he’s trynna prepare you for something greater.Is He teaching you patience?Perseverance? Gratefulness? Discipline?

Listen when He speaks and asks you to do something.

Maybe it’s a change in a given behavior. Sometimes it’s to include something in your life to make you better.Sometimes, it’s to work on your goals that you may have left pending as you dedicated most your energy into wondering why you can’t have ‘that thing’.

If you’re giving up learning to be a  better version of yourself, draw strength from Him.Tell Him God, I may be weak now but I know with you,I’ll get through this. Tell yourself I’ll conquer this mountain through Him who strengthens me.That I’m not going back to who I was .

And when you fall,it doesn’t mean you should stop.Telling yourself “Maybe I just ain’t cut out for this”. It means you’re trying and the only way is up.

And BTW,don’t shy from praying about anything. However ‘minute’ .HE LISTENS.

So,Don’t Give up, just yet.Hold on tight to that dream/goal that you have.There’s hope.There always is.

Get on your knees and surrender yourself to Him.All your worries,frustrations, wants hopes. And feel the peace that flows into your heart.knowing that all things are well taken care of by my Father. That even when I start working on that project|dream|goal I know who’s behind me.

There maybe some resistance|doubt at the beginning but keep pushing on.Let God use you and Sharpen you through that season. And dear,always stay grateful.For every little thing.The fact that you’re alive us reason enough to be happy and celebrate life now.

I’ll repeat, listen when God speaks.Take His correction with grace.He’s preparing you for something great. Because He loves you.He knows your potential and that even this mountain,you’ll conquer!

And lastly, it may be going well or ‘seem’to be going well for others and you might wish your situations were the same.Butremember,their grass maybe greener,but you gotta water your own.Yougotta write your own story and the best would be under God’s wings.

“One more question Julie.Is it always about waiting with God?”

Not really dear.All I know is that all He does is perfect. Coupled with good intentions. Our timing is not Always His.And Delay is not Denial.


I wrote that piece some time back for anyone who might be feeling hopeless about something they’ve been working on but it doesn’t seem to work. Especially during the year.As we getting closer to the end, I’d wanna remind you that it isn’t time to give up on a goal be it financial, social personal or spiritual. If it has been in your heart for long and really feels possible and true,YOU CAN DO IT.

This is the first of the 4(or more) articles for the End Year Edition. I hope it speaks to you.

Stay blessed as always.

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