Growing up, I had serious self esteem issues. I believed that everyone else was better than me and I didn’t believe I had much to offer unless I got approval from someone else.

I didn’t confront these issues until 2016, when I tried to solve my inner issues from the outside; by losing weight. I thought that, if I lost weight, I’d finally love myself, become lovable and have the perfect life.

However, nothing much changed on the inside. In fact, I felt more lost . That’s when I decided to do the inner work. I learnt to believe who God says I am and became intentional about loving myself and who I believe I am.

Today, I can confidently say I love myself and I’m actively working on being the best version of myself.

My mission is to inspire others to work towards being the best version of themselves too through personal development and nurturing their relationship with God.

So as you navigate through my blog, I hope you are Inspired.

With love,


Why blogging

Blogging for me is an avenue to share the insights and life lessons I learn, mostly from my own life and what I observe in others.

In sharing these insights, I hope to add value to people’s lives and inspire them to become the best version of themselves and live happier & more productive lives.


Most frequent questions and answers

As a society,  we tend to judge the behavior of others around us, based on just what we see, while they could be going through issues like low self esteem, lack of identity, depression, addiction,confusion, fear and other ‘deep stuff’ most people aren’t willing to talk about.

By sharing about some of these issues on my blog, I hope to shed a light so that we can understand ourselves and others better, and eventually became the best versions of who God created us to be.

Well, not really. As a blogger, you get paid through ads on your blog or marketing a sponsored product or if you have merchandise you’re selling.

So for me, I get some cash through selling my book(see books here) . Things are looking up though and soon we’ll have some ads on the blog to help fund some of the expenses.

STILL WAITING FOR YOU AND MUSINGS WITH JULES are freely available to subscribers, while THE PLANTING SEASON goes for Ksh. 100.

Not really. I believe that as long as you’re living, you’ll never lack something to write about. But writer’s block is real!
Funny story though, a couple of times, especially in the early stages of blogging, I told God that if I’m gonna continue doing it, He’ll continue to give me ideas.(weird prayer right?). This was because I never believed I was a creative or I was made for this. But
all along, God has always come through and He keeps surprising me with ideas.

Yeah sure! Ever since I was in primary school actually. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time and I believe one day it’ll manifest.